The road doesn't go where you planned. It goes where it is written to be - Yasmin Mogahed

16 August 2019

Sometimes life deals a hand that's totally unexpected. The cards fall in direct contrast to the game you had planned and hoped to play. This is the space in which you have access to one of your most unique and greatest powers. The power of choice.

It is said things occur in threes. This has certainly been true for me of late. The initial huge step was to resign form a post that I had worked hard to gain. A leap of complete faith which some considered madness. What happened next shocked even me by its rapidity. A long standing tenant in our rental property decided to move on, resulting in further loss of income and stability. Finally my husband was made redundant all in the space of five weeks! We quickly saw these as as challenges to overcome and an arena in which to create an array of opportunities for growth.

The great thing is anyone can tune into the positive power of choice and turn things around. Granted there are difficult decisions to make, unfamiliar territories to navigate and gut wrenching times of uncertainty. Transitions are often tough, however adversity can be a gateway to new beginnings. With that in mind you are witnessing the opening chapter in the HeartRei story, proving that possibilities can become reality.

The inspiration behind this venture has its roots in many areas. Firstly my background comes from care - in the context of family, professional roles with Marie Curie and the Bereavement Support Service. Experiences I have had and more importantly people I have met have all joined forces to enrich and deepen my abilities and empathy as a person. For these gifts I have immense gratitude.

From a very young age I have held a strong spiritual connection, which has developed and grown over many years, culminating in my training and qualification in Reiki. My passion for empowering others is highlighted through a unique blend of Counselling and energy healing which has brought this exciting new venture to fruition.

I look forward to welcoming you to HeartRei Therapies where we can continue the journey together.

About Helen

My name is Helen Blomberg, I live in Llanelli and have been practicing as a qualified Reiki Practitioner for a number of years. I currently offer Usui Reiki for adults under my own service, HeartRei Therapies. My background is in health care and counselling, having previously been employed by the NHS and Marie Curie. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and abide by their ethical framework.


A potrait of Helen